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Road Captains

Road Captains (RC's) are the most visible Chapter representatives and play the most important role in the Chapter for our members.  Tallahassee H.O.G. RC's plan, organize and lead all our Chapter rides.  Members are responsible for their own safe riding practices and safety.  The mission of our Chapter is to "Ride and Have Fun."  RC's play a critical role in accomplishing this mission by making every effort to ensure the safety and enjoyment of our members and guests on Chapter rides.  The Head Road Captain and Assistant Road Captains along with the Activities Officer ensure rides are listed on the Chapter calendar and a RC is scheduled to lead the ride.

General Road Captain (RC) Guidelines:

  • All rides are Rain or Shine on 2 wheels or 4!

  • As weather events can make riding unsafe, it is permissible to change destinations or cancel a ride.

  • RC's are expected to show up at an announced time and meeting place for their rides and ensure any member arriving is advised of recent changes.

  • RC's that plan a ride and show up, earn credit for the ride (even in inclement weather, in cages, or if no one else shows up).

  • Road Ripper patch and the 15 ride pin are earned after 15 rides

    • Road Ripper Two patch and another 15 ride pin are earned after 30 rides.

    • 15 Ride pin earned in 15 ride increments at 45 rides and beyond

  • RC's that have not participated (lead or gunned a ride in two years) will be dropped from the active RC list.

  • To be a RC, you must be a current member of our Chapter.

  • New RC's are expected to participate as a gunner on two (2) Chapter rides and learn prior to leading a ride as Road Captain.

  • New RC's earn their RC rocker after planning and successfully leading a ride with the Head RC or designee.

  • Upon reaching the destination of a Chapter ride, the Road Captain (or the Lead Road Captain if more than one group of riders) will issue one signed License to Ride card to all Chapter participants present.

  • At the conclusion of a Chapter ride and as soon as practical, the Road Captain (or the Lead Road Captain if more than one group of riders) will submit a Road Captain Report to the Chapter Director, the Head Road Captain, the Assistant Head Road Captain, the Chapter Historian, the (RC) Gunner and any assisting Road Captains (for more than one group of riders).

    • At a minimum include the following information:

      • Date of ride

      • Type of Chapter ride (Mental Health, Last Chance, etc)

      • Destination

      • Number of bikes

      • Number of riders (participants including the RC and Gunner)

      • Number of cages (anything not a bike, trike, or sidecar)

      • Who was the RC and the Gunner

      • If additional RC or gunner, who were they?

    • Anything else of interest…, something strange or fun or both. 

    • And, of course, any information that might help improve future rides.


(Click here to download a recent example of a Road Captain report.)

The following forms may be downloaded and printed as needed. H.O.G. members are encouraged to become familiar with RC duties and let the Head Road Captain know if you are interested in becoming a RC or simply take the RC orientation that is offered periodically. Check the Activities Calendar for upcoming orientation sessions.  If you have any questions, please check with the Head Road Captain.

       Tallahassee HD - Wiregrass Restaurant, Quitman - Notes

        Tallahassee HD - Wiregrass Restaurant, Quitman - Map

        Centerville Publix - Riverside Cafe, St Marks - Notes June 24, 2017

       Centerville Publix - Riverside Cafe, St Marks - Map June 24, 2017

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