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Chapter Merchandise

H.O.G. merchandise may be purchased online through Members.Hog.Com.  After you log into H.O.G., look for the  H.O.G. SHOP link.  This will take you to the Norscot website where you can order H.O.G. merchandise and other items with the name Tallahassee H.O.G. on patches, shirts, etc.  


The Tallahassee H.O.G. Chapter periodically purchases and has some items such as name tags, flags, patches and Challenge Coins for purchase at Chapter meetings.  Most items may be purchased from the Chapter at a reduced price as we purchase the items in bulk.

Other Items Sold at HOG Meetings


  • Name Tags

  • Chapter Flags

  • Patches : $$

Challenge Coin

What’s the Meaning of a Tallahassee H.O.G. Challenge Coin?

Harley-Davidson® has a long association with the military that started back in 1916 and continued for decades into World War II. Many active and former members of the U.S. military have a longstanding tradition of carrying a special coin symbolizing their military service and unit identity.  It is called a Challenge Coin, and it identifies the holder as a member of one of these elite groups. Those who take a Harley-Davidson® roaring across the open road are bonded in brotherhood much in the same way as those who have worn our nation’s colors with pride.


The Tallahassee H.O.G. Challenge Coin builds on the first National H.O.G. challenge coin that was minted in Dayton, Nevada on September 23, 2009 when nearly 500 H.O.G. members participated in the “Pony Express Ride.”  That ride and the coin they received symbolizes pride in their accomplishment and the Harley-Davidsons they ride.  In Tallahassee, our Challenge Coins symbolize our accomplishments as a Chapter when we ride together, share our stories, and make new friends on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.  The Tallahassee H.O.G. Challenge Coin you carry in your pocket or purse is a reminder that you are part of one of the best H.O.G. chapters in the country. It’s a symbol to others of our stories, the pride we have in our Chapter and the common bond we share riding our Harley-Davidson motorcycles together.


Your Challenge Coin is intended to be a reminder of the good times you have riding with other Harley-Davidson riders.  We do not however, encourage the use of coins for “coining” or challenges similar to military unit traditions where coins are used as a challenge where the looser buys the next round of drinks.


Many members purchase and carry their Challenge Coins to demonstrate their pride in our Chapter and the Harley-Davidson motorcycles they ride. 

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