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License to Ride Contest

Each time you attend a meeting or participate in an official Tallahassee H.O.G. sponsored ride, you will earn one point in our Tallahassee H.O.G. "License To Ride" (LTR) contest!


Points are earned by signing the roster at the Chapter meeting or getting a signed "License To Ride" card on each ride. Be sure to ask your Road Captain to sign and date your card!  Then turn your cards in at the next Tallahassee H.O.G. Chapter meeting.


The Rules:

  1. Attend a meeting (Please sign the roster) ... get a point! Easy!

  2. Get your signed "License To Ride" card from the Road Captain on your next official Tallahassee H.O.G. sponsored ride.

  3. Turn in your cards at the next monthly Tallahassee H.O.G. Chapter meeting.

  4. Only official Tallahassee H.O.G. "License To Ride" cards will be accepted.

  5. Official Tallahassee H.O.G. sponsored rides include regular monthly rides as well as special rides (i.e. official Tallahassee H.O.G. sponsored Tin Butt rides, overnight rides, etc.) planned by our Chapter with designated Tallahassee H.O.G. Road Captains.

  6. A Road Captain earning a Road Captain "star" (toward the Road Ripper patch/pin) may NOT earn a "License To Ride" point for that particular ride.

  7. The contest begins and ends on designated dates in November each year.  Please see the flyer for specifics.

  8. The top 3 Tallahassee H.O.G. members with the most points at the end of the contest will receive a special prizes at the next Tallahassee H.O.G. Christmas party.

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